Our People

Information about people is important for determining future housing; facility and service needs; and for understanding how culture and values affect the way of life.


Band members on reserve:          763
Band members off reserver:     2798
Total Membership:                         3561

Over 1,000 Cowessess Band members live in Regina.  This has many implications for the Band, including a greater need to provide services to off-reserve Band members and the need for better communication between on- and off-reserve Band members.

Sources: INAC, 2009; Cowessess First Nation Workshop 3, September 2008

Off-reserve population
Cowessess's large population is spread out across Saskatchewan, Canada, North America and the world.  It boasts and off-reserve population that accounts for 11% of Regina's First Nations population and includes members as far away as Europe and Australia.

Which such a large off-reserve population, Cowessess works hard to provide a number of off-reserve services and even elects one of its eight councillors as an off-reserve representative.

Cowessess has a larger portion of people under 19 than the rest of Saskatchewan.  This means that the community will have to plan for and consider education, skills development and employment opportunities for its youth.