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Steep Slopes

Contour maps indicate the elevation and steepness of the landscape.  Steep sloping land such as cliffs or valley walls are indicated by contour lines drawn closely together.  Plains or plateaus are shown by widely spaced contours or no contours at all.  Knowing the slopes of the land is important for locating development.  Building on steep slopes can be difficult and can lead to erosion; building on low-lying ground can lead to improper drainage or flooding.  Generally development on slopes grater than 15% is not recommended, this map highlights these areas.

The landscape of Cowessess is defined by the Qu'Appelle Valley.  The steep slopes of the valley wall limit development but also provide interesting opportunities for recreation: steep hikes, exciting skiing and tobogganing and wonderful panoramic views of the lake and valley.  It provides protection from the elements sheltering homes and tree stands from stiff prairie winds.  It also provides a lovely setting for the golf course and the village.

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