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Significant Vegetation and Wildlife

This map shows where vegetation exists in the community.  The areas along the rivers and streams, lakes and wetlands are important to protect.  A 30 meter vegetated buffer zone is shown and can be used to protect all watercourses and water bodies.  This buffer zone preserves the ecological integrity of stream banks and minimizes the effects of erosion.  The areas highlighted on this map also represent other known wildlife corridors and where medicinal plants, berries and nuts grow.

Wild Animals are abundant due to the unpopulated well-forested ravines and hillsides and include bear, deer, fox, coyotes, beaver and muskrat.  Many species of birds also make their home here or stop on their migration route, including eagles, Canada geese, snow geese, hawks, vultures, owls, blue jays, sparrows, Robbins, black birds, pelicans and numerous smaller birds.  Many areas along the hillsides, ravines and in the valley have ild berries including Saskatoon berries, chokecherries, raspberries, strawberries, and high bush cranberries.  Traditional medicines such as seneca root and vegetable like wild turnips can still be found in the back hills.  Crooked Lake provides many species of fish including walleye, trout and jack or northern pike.

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