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On-reserve education programs include Day Care, Head Start and Kindergarten to grade 12.  Despite a growing number of high school graduates and an increasing number of Cowessess youth attending post secondary schools, there is still a strong need to improve the Reserves academic programming.  Students from Cowessess continue to attend off-reserve schools, which leads to tension in the community and suggests a lack of confidence in the on-reserve education system.  Learning should not just be about academics, but should address culture, language, history and tradition.  There should be an emphasis on lifelong learning.  

Above all, education should be fun and positive experience for both young and old.
Our Staff

Vacant/Post Secondary Coordinator
Joy Starr, Labour Force Development Coordinator
Tara Desjarlais, Admin Assistant to LFD - M/L
Ashley Delorme, Acting Post Secondary/ Admin Assistant to Education

Councillor Pat Sparvier, Portfolio Holder
Jonathan Z. Lerat, Co-Chair

Education/Post Secondary Department
Cowessess First Nation
P.O. Box 100
Cowessess, Sk.  S0G 5L0
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