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The Administration and Finance Departments are dedicated to providing effective and efficient services to all programs, services entities, leadership and Band Members. This department ensures optimal service which results in Access, Accountability and Achievement.

Mission/Vision Statement

It is our Mission as Cowessess First Nation peoples to protect the sovereignty and integrity of our nation’s customs, traditions and practices that ensure the inherent and Treaty rights for our future generations.
To sustain a government that is accountable and led by well-defined regulations that will ensure a safe environment in order to foster health, harmonious relationship and quality of life.

Administration Staff:
Barbara Delorme, Receptionist
Shannon Lerat, Central Registry Clerk
Debbie Delorme, Indian Registry Administrator
Eunice Tanner, Human Resource Manager
Colinda Eashappie-Tanner, Executive Assistant
Lorraine Delorme, Communications/Flood Claim Media
Questions or Concerns regarding our Administration Department can be emailed:
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