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Dear Potential Covington Latin Students and Parent(s),                             

Covington Latin School offers enrichment boot camp in Pre-Algebra and Language Arts for interested students.  The courses are designed for students in the 5th, 6th, or 7th grade who have taken our entrance exam (or in preparation for the entrance exam) or have been admitted but feel they may be well-served with some additional preparation, whether coming in as a 7th, 8th, or 9th grader.  Many of our students (and their parents) have found value in the program and felt that it aided them in not only Math and Language Arts, but also with study skills.

This bootcamp is not only a good opportunity to determine your child’s potential (a written evaluation will be given out at the end), but also a chance for your child to meet future classmates and become familiar with the school.  So although your child might be strong in the following areas, extra time at school will give them a glimpse of the homework to come and get them acquainted with CLS. Additionally, You do not have to be enrolled at CLS to take this course. Some families use this course to determine if their child is ready to advance to CLS. The evaluation of your child’s work in the class will be sent within two weeks after the final test in the class.

Although no grade or credit will be given for these courses, the program will require a serious commitment on the part of each student. A total of 21 classroom hours should be complemented with an equal amount of work outside the classroom. A student may take both the Pre-Algebra or Language Arts courses. The cost for each course is $150.  Below is more information on the program and what is being taught. I hope you strongly consider sending your child, since it can only help them to have these skills reinforced. I also do notebook checks and teach study skills through the courses.

English summer enrichment will cover:                                     Pre-Algebra enrichment will cover:


•    diagramming sentences                                                        •    decimal/fraction percentage conversions

•    writing a 5 paragraph essay and thesis                           •    addition, subtraction, multiplication and

•    reading novels                                                                                   division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals             

•    sentence parts/structure                                                      •     sales/tax word problems

·         grammar and parts of speech                                                  area/perimeter


To sign up,  please complete form on reverse side and submit with $150 check per course payable to Covington Latin


As I teach the class currently and have since 2003, please contact me if I may answer any questions or provide additional assistance with your transition to Covington Latin School.


Ms. Stephanie Tewes  (Dean of Studies)

859.291.7044 ext 2316  



*Contact me if you must miss a class or if your vacation happens during this time, I have some suggestions. To get the most out of the class, attendance at every one of the sessions is important.



2018 Summer Enrichment Calendar

•Casual dress code

• Drinks /snacks are permitted

Please note the 1st week is  heavy with homework, please try to keep evenings free to accommodate the load


Wednesday, July 11

English 9am-12 (must have Animal Farm by Orwell) Don’t read it yet

Lunch (Pack your own) 12-12:30

Math 12:30pm-3:30

July 12

English 9am-12

Lunch (Pack your own) 12-12:30

Math 12:30pm-3:30

July 13

English 9am-12

Lunch (Pack your own) 12-12:30

Math 12:30pm-3:30

Monday,  July 16

English 9am-12

Lunch (Pack your own) 12-12:30

Math 12:30pm-3:30

July 17

English 9am-12

Lunch (Pack your own) 12-12:30

Math 12:30pm-3:30

July 18

English 9am-12

Lunch (Pack your own) 12-12:30

Math 12:30pm-3:30

July 19

English 9-12

Lunch (Pack your own) 12-12:30

Math 12:30-3:30


·         Evaluations will be mailed home within 2 weeks when all grading is completed.




Please submit the completed form below with $150 check per course, payable to Covington Latin to:


Covington Latin School Enrichment

Attn: Stephanie Tewes

21 E. 11th St.

Covington, KY 41011



*If you prefer to teach your child the courses (or will be out of town), please send the form below with a note and $75 per course for the materials. There is much value to attending the class at CLS though. I have worked with families that are on vacation, so please don’t let that stop you from reaching out about accommodations.



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Student Name: ___________________________  Age: ______   Date of Birth: ____/____/____

Current School: ______________________  Parent name(s): _______________________________________________

Mailing address for evaluation results: __________________________________________________________________

Emergency Parent Phone while in class:  ___________________ Parent email: __________________________________

Summer enrichment class(es) we are enrolling for (please circle one or both):    LanguageArts       Pre-Algebra       ($150 each)

Current Grade: ______  Grade entering (please circle one):           7th          8th          9th                 undecided

Has your child had prior acceleration/already skipped a grade? (please circle):  Y / N

Would you like your name and phone number included in a carpool list?  (please circle):  Y / N


**If you would rather teach your child the class?  I can give you all of the information for $75 per course.  (Or maybe they take one course at CLS and do the other course at home with a parent).

**Additional private tutoring of the course is also available and can be planned around our summer schedules. $35 /hr  Or I can set you up with a CLS student that needs service hours. 

 **Will you be on vacation for 1 week of the course? Here is what I have come up with in the past to compromise. You have 3 options

 1. Take the first week- pay full price. Do the 2nd week as an independent study--I will get all of the information together (remind me that Friday please). We can meet prior to the final exams- when you return from vacation- in both subjects for last minute questions/confusion. Then he/she can take the exams that same day with me.

2. Take the first week- pay half price. Do the 2nd week with me private tutoring wise (I usually charge $35/hour, but it should not take too long working one on one to get the information. We can meet at a local library or at CLS). Then he/she can take the final exams when he/she and I feel he/she is ready to take them.

3. Do both courses independent study- $75 for all of the course work per subject. We can do private tutoring if you find that he/she isn't really grasping it.

Stephanie Tewes,
Sep 18, 2013, 1:20 PM