Mrs. Burke & Mr. McCann's Classes

  • Literacy & Writing
  • Health
  • Advisory
  • Public Speaking

Literacy & Writing

Classroom Goals

*To be able to refer to details when explaining what the text means.

*To determine the meaning of words and phrases used in a text.

*To comprehend informational texts.

*To write opinion, narrative, and informative pieces with supporting details using a variety of words and phrases.



Health education is a wellness based class that teaches students how to develop lifelong, healthy habits. Topics include personal health and wellness, decision making, drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco, nutrition, emotional health, family living, and sexuality.


Students will identify and explore post-secondary goals and develop a plan for what they'll do after high school.


Public Speaking

The focus of this course is the communication process. The basic elements of oral communication include the speaker, the speech, the method of speaking, and the listener. Students will learn the concepts of both verbal and nonverbal communication and how to apply strategies in order to become more effective speakers.