Christmas Trees

Our farm is closed for the 2014 tree cutting season.  Other tree farms can be found at

The Covered Bridge Farm is a family owned and operated cut your own Christmas tree farm growing trees on about 20 acres. We have been selling trees from this farm for the past 22 years. 

We grow Fir and Spruce trees for cutting.  Every tree is sheared (shaped) every summer to provide a dense and narrow tapered tree. There are at least six varieties of Balsam Fir,  three varieties of Spruce, mostly Colorado, and several varieties of hybrid Fraser Fir crosses.  Our field is inter planted yearly so there are newly planted 1 ft. trees in the same field with mature trees.  There are no Fraser fir this year due to the severe winter of 2013 which winter burned this variety.  We are hoping that these trees will grow out of their injury and be ready to harvest in a few years.

The following pictures show a Norway Spruce before and after it is sheared.



We are a cut your own tree farm and have no wholesale or pre-cut "premium" trees.  Therefore, our tree field has the higher quality trees remaining in the field for the customer to cut.

Spruce Field October 2014

All "Cut Your Own" trees for 2014 are one price for any size - $49.95 plus tax, the same price as last year.  We accept cash, checks, MC/Visa/Discover. 
You may drive or walk in the field.  Hand  saws are available to borrow.  We provide 400# poly twine to help secure your tree on your vehicle. We will clean you tree with a Toro blower or Shakee shaker to remove any dead needles.
Tree bailing (wrapping) with #2 recyclable green and red soft plastic netting 
is available for $2.00.
Free hot apple cider, cookies, and candy canes are in the gift shop where you can come in to warm up when you pay. Register to win a free tree for next year.

We make and decorate our own wreaths and swags using Fraser Fir boughs cut from our other farm.  There are Evergreen tops, birch branches, and dogwood for your outdoor planter arrangements. 

Our gift shop has a good selection of ornaments, seasonal decorations, and food items, including Waletzko maple syrup and Twin Pine Farm flavored honey. 
We have the Arctic Ice Lantern molds.  These reusable molds let you freeze water into decorative luminaries to brighten your holiday displays.  For more information, visit the manufacturer's web site by clicking here.

And using LED lights and a few extra boughs from your tree, you can really create some cool looking ice lanterns.  We made this one 11/18/14.

We also sell the popular Santa's Magic Water Spout.  It is a device to make watering your tree in the stand easier.
New this year is the brand new Firebuggz - a family fun way to roast marshmallows or hot dogs.
For a video on this product, click here.
Part of our sustainability farming practices include chipping evergreen boughs to use as an "acid" mulch for our blueberry field.