Mrs. Bacon's ELA/SS Information


This week our story is Kamishibai Man by Allan Say.  It tells the story of an art of story telling in Japan that was popular in the 1920ś and started to gradually die out with the invention of television.  Below you will find the skills and background information on Kamishibai Man.

Anchor Text
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Written and Illustrated By: Allen Say



When good readers read aloud, they know when to vary their intonation, or make their voices rise and fall.  Using appropriate intonation will help you better understand the text.

 Story Background


Target Skill: Cause and Effect


Target Skill: Analyze Illustrations

Target Strategy: Monitor/Clarify


Vocabulary Strategies


Target Vocabulary 

familiar  - well known because it is experienced often


applause - clapping to show that something is liked


vacant - empty


rickety - shaky or likely to fall apart


blurry - unclear or smeared


blasted - made a sudden, loud noise


jerky -moving in sudden, uneven, or awkward ways


rude - not being polite; having bad manners 

  • Spelling
  •     clown        round
  •      bow             cloud
  •      power          crown
  •      thousand      crowd
  •      sound           count
  •      powder        blouse
  •      frown           pound
  •      house           found
  •      mountain      coward

  • Spelling City
  • Spelling Tic Tac Toe

     We have finished up with Unit 1 of our Journey's Reading Series and started Unit 2- Bat Loves the Night (see below).  We will continue to focus on many of the comprehension skills taught throughout the year: character analysis, cause and effect, sequence of events.  Social Studies instruction is directly woven into the work we do in reading.  Guided reading groups have been reading about Anne Bradstreet, one of the original settlers of Plimoth Plantation.  Another group is enjoying reading Thanksgiving on Thursday a Magic Tree House Book.  This week we will continue to use the Thanksgiving as a basis for our learning, as we focus on developing a deeper understanding of what we are reading.  We have now finished up all of these Guided Reading books and related skills/concepts.


Homework will go home on Monday and is expected to be returned on Friday.  We assign homework on Mondays to help make it easier on the family, especially when children are busy with sports and other after school activities.  The average time spend on homework per night in 3rd grade is 30 minutes a night AND 20 minutes of reading.  Spelling city should take no more than 5-10 minutes, the reading assignment that goes home can be broken into small sections and take no more than 5 minutes to complete.  Math homework should also be completed.  

Spelling Homework will continue to be assigned on Spelling City. If for some reason Spelling City does not work or your child is unable to log in, please feel free to use these backup assignments:
  • Write spelling words 3 times each
  • Rainbow Words (write spelling words in pencil, then trace over them with 3 different crayons or colored pencils)
  • Practice spelling test with a family member
  • ABC order
Please feel free to substitute any of these activities in place of Spelling City homework.