First Day Jitters

by Julie Danneberg

Welcome to 3rd Grade!  The first week of school we will spend a lot of time getting our routine and expectations established.  Third Grade is a big transition year.  In third grade we begin to transition from learning to read to reading to learn.  Your child will be asked to look for things like the author's message, theme, make inferences and connections.  We will read books over and over and look for those elements of literature. On my ELA page you will find helpful links to vocabulary, comprehension strategy, and focus of the stories we will be reading. One resource I utilize in our classroom is the interactive notebook.  These notebooks stay in our classroom and are used as a resource and for reading responses.  These notebooks are used every day, therefore, they do not go home.  I will post a picture of our resources as we go so you can see what is inside your child's notebook.  We will also be utilizing Google Classroom.  Students will find activities to complete during their center time in ELA.  

Our first book is First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg.  I love using this book on the first day of school because it lends itself to lots of inferences, questioning, and using text evidence to support thinking.