Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that I can help with! (401) 822-9460
email: daguannogina@coventryschools.net

Gina D'Aguanno MS, MEd, RN
Certified School Nurse Teacher


Each year students are screened for the following.  If you do not want your child screened please contact me:
Hearing Screenings for PK-Grade 3 
Dental PK- Grade 5
Vision K-Grade 5

Be sure to read the Wellness Newsletter.  There is a copy in the lobby at Tiogue on the table.  There is lots of valuable information! 

The West Bay Smiles program will be here May 11th-15th for 2nd cleanings. 

Just a reminder: Please send your child with a water bottle they can refill daily. 

Please notify me of any bacterial or viral illness that are diagnosed by a physician.   

Please be sure to check your child's head every week for lice. They are most prominent at the elementary level. 

Children should be fever free with out fever reducing medications, vomiting and diarrhea free to be present in school.