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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to ASFMS Team 6C year 2015-17. Team 6C consists of the following teachers; Mrs. Rekha Saran (Science), Mrs. Paula Mercurio (Social Studies), Mrs. Emily Brown (Math), Mrs. Christine Sirois (English/Language Arts), Ms. Kimberly Vernava and Mrs. Gomes (unified learning).  

We are excited that you have chosen to explore this Website and hope you find the content informative and helpful. We will update this site often with news and information that will assist in our parent/school partnership. We know you have entrusted us with your most valuable asset, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We hope to challenge each student daily and to share in the success each has as they move toward reaching their potential. This mission takes a strong level of trust and support from everyone involved. Please share your concerns and successes as we work together at making this year a huge success for all our students, parents, and teachers. Thanks again for visiting and please make this site a “favorite” on your desktop! Have a great day!

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