Welcome to ELA!

This year lays the instructional groundwork in English Language Arts for your child’s time here at the middle school and beyond. On the back of this letter are the essential questions and learning targets for the first unit of the school year. Really, this is the most important unit; it is here that students learn how to establish claims about text, find evidence to support those claims, and connect that evidence through analysis to those claims. This foundation is crucial to a student’s ability to comprehend and write about what they read. As time progresses, students will be more comfortable engaging with texts, formulating ideas, and sharing them through discussion and writing.

Students will do a lot of writing this year. Most will be in class, some at home. All students are expected to read thirty minutes a night. I do not require a reading log, but reading assignments are part of students’ reading responsibilities. This trimester students are to read three books in addition to the two books they read over the summer for a five book total. I will provide a calendar for due dates.

Completed assessments will be tracked by grade and strand in students’ binders. Our ELA grading strands are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Presentation of Knowledge and Information, and Language.