Chromebook Support

Chromebook Login Support
When logging into a Chromebook use your full school email address:

If you are experiencing an issue logging into your Chromebook, please click the link below and fill out the form. Requests should be resolved within twenty-four hours during normal school hours.   Please do not enter repeat requests.
Please allow a minimum of three hours (during the school day) for your request to be processed.  You should check periodically during the day.  After twenty-four hours, you may resubmit.

Hardware Issue
If you are having a hardware issue with your Chromebook device, please go to the Media Center and see Mrs. O'Rourke (CHS) or Mrs. Murphy (FMS) for assistance.

Charger Replacements
If Chromebook chargers are lost or broken, they must be replaced.   Chargers are NOT covered by insurance.  The replacement fee is $15.00.   The fee must be paid by check or money order only made out to Coventry Public Schools.  In order to request a new charger, please complete the form via the link below.  Payment can be submitted to Mrs. Phillips at FMS or Mrs. Erno at CHS.

Lost or Stolen Chromebooks
Students are to report lost or stolen Chromebooks to the school administration.

Chromebooks will be collected in the media center after each exam.  Please be sure to remove any stickers from your Chromebook before returing it to the district.  Serial numbers will be checked.
If you have any questions about the collection of senior Chromebooks, please contact the district technology office at 822-9426x226 or by email at

Aspen Student Portal
(Note: CHS Aspen Portal allows access to grades and attendance.  FMS Aspen Portal allows access to attendance.)

Login ID = YOGlastnamefirstinitial
example:  Student: John Smith - Class of 2020.
 login ID =  20smithj
Your school email address is NOT your login id.

Aspen password problem?  Please access the Aspen login screen, enter your user name and click on "forgot password".  Aspen will automatically send an email to your school account regarding your password.

If additional assistance is needed to access your Aspen account, please send an email using your school email account to

Google Apps for Education

Learn more about various Google apps and extensions via TECHBytes.

Read Write for Google
Directions to add to this resource to your school account.

1.       Open GoogleDocs

2.       Click on the purple RW icon near the top center of the page

3.       Users must allow the app the requested permissions.  Click Allow

4.       Click Continue on the Read&Write for Google Authorization window that comes up.

5.       Click Allow on the next permissions window.

6.       Close the window that says Read&Write for Google has been successfully authorized to access your data.

7.       You will now see the R&W toolbar at the top of the screen.