Coventry Public Schools 
Technology Initiative

Coventry Public Schools’ goals and objectives focus on building a school-based culture representative of a blended learning environment through the use of various technologies.


  1. Create an educational culture and learning experience that is characteristic of various models of   blended learning
  2. Consistently facilitate collaboration, communication, and content creation as routine instructional practice
  3. Prepare students for a complex, high technological knowledge-based economy
  4. Enhance collaboration between and among teachers, students, and parents
  5. Personalize and differentiate instruction
  6. Improve student engagement and achievement
  7. Expand teaching and learning outside the classroom.


  1. Effectively integrate software, applications and technology devices into teaching and learning
  2. Utilize technology devices for testing purposes (access, speed, and data analysis/progress monitoring)
  3. Develop teachers and support staff that will embrace and integrate technology in the curriculum 
  4. Develop technology rich classrooms, evidenced by routine, transparent, and purposeful use of technology in teaching and learning. 
  5. Develop teacher and student technology skills according to the ISTE standards and CCSS expectations for embedded technology use
  6. Develop opportunities for blended learning experiences

"With technology we can remove the limitations of the traditional classroom and transform the way we teach and learn."

Eric Curts - Educator and Technology Coordinator, Ohio

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