Directions to Request Family Portal Access
Step 1
- Send an email with the subject line of Family Portal to with the following information:
  • Parent Name:
  • Student(s) Name:
  • Date of Birth:
  • School:
  • Grade:
Within several school days you will receive a login ID.  Using that ID, please proceed to STEP 2 below. 

Step 2
- Access our information system, ASPEN, from the Coventry Schools main website ( or the link on the Family Portal page.
- Using your ID, login and create a new password.  You will be notified that "your password has expired.  Please create a new one."  You must adhere to the following requirements for new passwords:
  •  Minimum length is 7 characters
  •  Must contain at least one number
  •  Cannot contain 'password', login name, first name, middle name, last name, date of birth, personal ID, or only sequential letters  or numbers   
- Set your preferences
  •  Click the "Set Preferences" link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Click the security tab and fill in the following information listed below.  This will allow you to use the "I forgot my password" link on the login screen in the future.
    • Enter your primary email address
    • Choose a security question
    • Enter your security question answer
    • Confirm your security question answer by typing it in again  
- You will be provided with ONE login account to the Family Portal.  This account will give you access to information for your registered students.