Art Club/NAHS

Application for Membership
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Club Description

National Art Honor Society

Chapter Name/Calendar
Creavituna Arte (Latin for Creating Art Together)
2015-2016 Club Calendar

Mission Statement
To provide an outlet for aspiring artist to grow within the Covenant community.

Promoting the arts, coloring the community, inspiring creativity.

"And he has filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, with intelligence, with knowledge, and with all craftsmanship, to devise artistic designs...” ~ Exodus 35:31-32a

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2016-2017 Officers
President -
Isabel Bostick
Vice-President - Michaela Tuttle
Financial Officer - Andy Mossbarger
Secretary - Alexa Hanan

2015-2016 Officers
President - Moriah Hardman
Vice-President - Celia Wright
Financial Officer - Sam Honaker
Secretary - Diana Derrer
Historian - Lydia Bird

2014-2015 Officers
President -
Moriah Hardman
Vice-President - Diana Derrer
Communications Officer - Claire Abner
Financial Officer - Sam Honaker

2013-2014 Officers
President - Sha Collier
Vice-President - Gracie Young
Communications Officer - Diana Derrer
Financial Officer - Grace Capek

Every Wednesday at Lunch in Room 101

Meeting Notes/Minutes
2013-2014 School Year

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