Judicial Branch's New CMS - Stakeholder Update

posted Jul 18, 2017, 9:05 AM by Barry Lucier   [ updated Jul 18, 2017, 9:05 AM ]
June 2, 2017 - It was nice to see those of you who were able to join us for the Stakeholders' Update meeting on 3/31/17 at the Capital Judicial Center regarding the implementation of the Judicial Branch's (JB) new eFiling Case Management System (eFCMS).  This is an exciting project for the Judicial Branch, and with the input of various stakeholders, such as you, we are confident the new system will provide many benefits to the Judicial Branch and to the public.

For those of you who were unable to attend, Tyler Technologies, Inc. was introduced at the meeting. Tyler was selected after an extensive RFP and negotiation process. Tyler’s Odyssey Courts Management Solution Suite is well-suited to meet the needs of the court system and the public. We are currently working with Tyler to provide them with details about the Maine justice system and the ways we interact with stakeholders. The Powerpoint presentation shown during the meeting is available for download at  Stakeholders' Presentation

As discussed at the meeting, there are three (3) primary areas that may affect your organization:
  • eFiling - Documents filed with the courts will no longer be filed in paper, instead an electronic filing processes will be used
  • Data Exchanges - The current exchanges of electronic data between your organization and the JB, may need to be updated as the new system is implemented (e.g. warrants, bail conditions, protection orders, child support orders, etc.)
  • e-Access - some information may be made available via electronic processes and a web portal
As was further discussed at the meeting, we anticipate an implementation schedule that involves:
  • 1st Go-live* Violations Bureau (e-citations only), scheduled for the summer/fall of 2018
  • 2nd Go-live - Region 5 (Bangor, Newport, Dover-Foxcroft, Lincoln, and Millinocket), scheduled for the summer/fall of 2019.  All case types will be included
  • Go-live dates for the other Regions have not been finalized. Completion for all Regions is scheduled to occur by the end of 2021
*Note: Go-live – Refers to an event in which the new system (or portion of system) is put into production for operational use.
The Judicial Branch intends to keep stakeholders well-informed on the project. We anticipate: 1) holding periodic update meetings, such as the meeting held on 3/3/17; 2) developing an eFCMS Information Center website. The site will include major announcements, the latest implementation schedule, the ability to submit questions, and a FAQ section for reviewing answers to questions submitted by others; and 3) extensive communication with Data Exchange Agencies. The JB will be reaching out very soon to those agencies with whom the JB will be working collaboratively to replace existing data exchanges or build new data exchanges. We will begin with those data exchanges that will be required for either the Violations Bureau Go-live (summer/fall 2018) or the Region 5 Go-live (summer/fall 2019).
The implementation of the new eFCMS represents a significant leap forward in court access and operational efficiencies, however, as with the implementation of any new system, the change will present challenges for all.  The JB understands the importance of good communications in such an endeavor and is committed to keeping the various Stakeholders informed.  To that end, we welcome any suggestions you have as we move through this process together.
Thank you.

Dave Packard