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1. Developer Access

Getting an API Key

  • File a FRED helpdesk ticket requesting an API key
    • File a ticket at http://support.askfred.net with the subject "API Key Request".
    • Please describe in detail what you plan to use the API for, so that we can make sure things will work for your needs.
    • We will issue you a key and update the ticket.
    • Expect around a day turnaround for this, it's not (yet) automated.
  • Read the TOS
    • The FRED API is (currently) free for commercial and non-commercial usage subject to certain important restrictions. Please read and understand the API Terms of Service before accessing the API.
    • The FRED website's Terms Of Service also applies to API usage.

Including Your Key in Requests

There are two ways to include your API Key in your API requests. Either is fine, and you may even use both in the same request (in which case the header method will be used and the query string method ignored):

HTTP Header:

Include the custom HTTP header "X-Fred-Api-Key" in your request, like so:

X-Fred-Api-Key: h983f75t92d8237ygt98dfh98d2g98

where "
h983f75t92d8237ygt98dfh98d2g98" is your API Key.

Query String Parameter:

Clients that cannot easily modify their HTTP headers may include their API Key in the URL's query string using the parameter _api_key like so:



The API will enforce request quotas in the future, but this is not yet implemented. This section is just FYI for now.

The API will enforce daily limits on the number of requests that may be submitted using a single API key. This will be to prevent abuse of the system, and all reasonable clients should be able to fit under the limit. The API may in addition enforce short term request rate throttling, again to prevent abuse of system resources. the manner and level of this throttling is not yet determined.