API Beta Status

Hi! Thanks for checking out the FRED REST API beta.

The REST API is a new and evolving service, which you can help design! The REST API is meant to replace the existing SOAP API that has been in place for an eternity (in web timescales). As such, the first order of business will be to cover the same use cases that the SOAP API currently fulfills. These include:
    • Lists of upcoming tournaments (akin to the "Upcoming Events" page on the FRED website).
    • Lists of past tournaments¬†(akin to the "Tournament Results" page on the FRED website).
    • Full details for a given tournament, including:
      • Event details
      • Preregistration list
      • Results
The initial beta also provides:
  • Round results (i.e. pools and DEs with full bout data)
  • Fencer data
    • Name, USFA member number, etc
    • Division affiliation¬†
    • Club affiliations
    • USFA ratings
Disclaimer: Like all beta software and services, things may change! You have been warned (*cue eerie music...*).

Getting Started

Check out the Quick Start, or peruse the Full Documentation

Your Feedback

is needed! Please contact to discuss how the API is (or isn't!) working for you.