Lend your time and expertise to one of our committees.  Please contact our office to find out when the next meeting will be.


Led by Dr. James Powers, this committee monitors federal, state and local regulations and initiatives, and communicates the concerns of COA to appropriate governmental agencies and elected officials.  View Advocacy Page



Community Assessment

Studies issues of interest to seniors and their families, particularly gaps or lack of services, and collaborates with others to provide the needed information or services. View Community Assessment Page


Leadership Council (members by invitation only)

The Leadership  Council, led by Beverly Patnaik, is a core committee composed of distinguished individuals who work with and deeply care about older adults and their families.  The Council develops a strategic plan for the community with the authority to inform and guide decision-makers in government, provider agencies, and families on how to value the assets of older adults and best meet their needs.  Membership for this committee is by invitation.  View Leadership Council Page

Sage Awards

An annual luncheon and awards presentation which honors Middle TN older adults who have made a lasting commitment to improving life in their communities. View Sage Awards Page


Senior Days on the General Jackson

Annually arranges low-cost trips for 2,000 seniors on the General Jackson Show Boat in celebration of Older Americans Month each May.  View Senior Days on the General Jackson Page