What is the DPKOEd?

DPKOEd stands for the Department of Peace Keeping Operations Education. the whole commitment of this website is to provide resources for teachers to teach students how to resolve conflicts within their school communities so that if they see crimes against humanity as a "soldier on the ground" working for an NGO, the UN, The ICRC, or as a concerned citizen and even as students in their school, they have the skills to draw upon to end these conflicts before they start. the second major idea of this website is to use genocidal incidents in not only history but across all curriculum areas to address bullying in schools and genocide around the world. Resources will be provided to address not only past events of genocide and its comparison to bullying but it will also focus currently around the world to show students that the base for a genocide on a grand scale, usually start with the same tactics a bully will use on a school yard. The idea is to get students to stop these small incidents before they start on their school yard so that they can grow up to ensure that bullying and genocide do not happen on a grand scale.

So here is an overview of this project. 

So one of the pieces of this is a man by the name of John Hunter, and his World Peace Game, I believe that this can be the meat of this website. 

Another resources that I believe can be helpful is this PBS video that asks a basic question, why cant the UN Keep the Peace? this will be a great topic to start with


A great resource to use in a High School classroom is Shake Hands with the Devil, If you have not seen this movie, please see it. This is a great story about how one man can make a difference.
General Dallair speaks at the Ted Conference about our ever shrinking world. This video makes me proud to know that projects like this 20% project are working and that our world is getting smaller, and that the world is raising the alarm and turning attention towards conflicts, not away.
Another great event you might want to get your students involved with.