Physics Game

Here's a demo of a physics game that I created. To play, you must first download the Unity Webplayer. Don't worry -- it's perfectly safe! (And it's free!)

Once you have the Unity Webplayer, click on the game to begin.

Concept:  You have to control an electrically charged object using electric fields. Remember, fields exert a force on a particle whenever the particle is in the field. You'll have to maneuver through the magnetic fields in order to reach your objective.

  Move the "pith" ball (a pith ball is a round, metal object with an electric charge) to the stand on the other side of the fence.

    - Arrow Keys:  Move in the X and Y directions.
    - Shift Keys:  Move in the the Z direction.
    - AWSD Keys:  Control the camera angle.
    - QE Keys:  Zoom the camera in and out.
    - P Key:  Pause the game.

Hint:  Try experimenting with the sliders and the text boxes. You may need them in order to counter act some forces...

Things to Consider:  What kinds of fields/forces make the charged particle move in the way it does? There is more than just one force at work...

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