Graham E Higgs PhD.

Professor of Psychology  
Department of Psychology and Sociology
PhD. Educational Psychology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
MS. Educational and Counseling Psychology, University of Tennessee.
B.A. Psychology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.
Office: 218 St. Clair Hall
Phone: 573-875-7588 

Welcome to my course website.  I am a Professor in the Department of Psychology and Sociology

You will find a group of exceptionally talented teachers in this department. If you are interested in the scientific study of behavior and mental processes or the study of social influences, you are invited to dig deeper and study with our faculty scholars.

On this website, you will find faculty and student resources for coursework in psychological sciences.

As a college professor, I consider teaching to be my vocation. I am fascinated with the teaching/learning process and find the most pleasure in my work when teaching or engaged in reflection on teaching and learning. In the classroom, I use a wide variety of instructional methods including approaches that provide opportunities for students with diverse learning styles and abilities. As a classroom teacher, my strengths are in constructivist teaching methods and facilitation. I use a Socratic style for in-class discussion, and my lectures are more likely to be narratives than recitations. Students should come to class prepared to be actively involved. 

I believe that my teaching is rigorous and that I have high expectations for every student. Course syllabi, which are available on-line, are clear statements of course objectives, and they reflect the diverse methods I employ to evaluate student progress. I make a habit of providing feedback to students on graded exams, essays, papers, and daily assignments by the next class period. All courses involve significant writing using the American Psychological Association (APA) style, and students are expected to present research findings to peers in a public forum. Numerous resources are provided through course websites including an online grade book, course calendar, course study guide, communication tools, and quizzes.

Adjunct and visiting instructors wishing to use any of the resources that can be found on this website are welcome to do so without notice to me. However, if you do find something useful, or in some way in need of improvement, please drop me an email to let me know. Cheers,