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Hacker gets $60,000 from Google for finding flaw in Chrome

posted Oct 11, 2012, 7:56 AM by Justi Montague
An anonymous teen techie who goes by the name Pinkie Pie won a prize at a hacker conference Wednesday by exposing problems in Chrome.

A hacker who found a flaw in Google's Chrome browser was able to make some serious cash from the security breach--paid for by Google itself.

The anonymous teen techie, who goes by the name Pinkie Pie, cracked a problem in Chrome and won a $60,000 prize from Google during a hacker conference Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur.

This is the second successful hack for Pinkie Pie this year, after he took home his first $60,000 prize in March.

"Congrats to Pinkie Pie, returning to the fray with another beautiful piece of work!" Google Chrome engineer Jason Kersey wrote on the company's official blog on Wednesday, adding the team is "delighted at the success" of the hacker conference and looks forward to improving the browser based on new knowledge uncovered during the event.

Google engineer Chris Evans praised the teen's work, and said that Chrome was able to fix the bugs in less than 10 hours after they were discovered.

"We'd like to thank Pinkie Pie for his hard work," Evans wrote on the Chromium Blog on Wednesday, promising a more detailed look at the hack and Chrome's solutions once the issue has been resolved for  most users.

Though his identity has not been revealed to the public, Google officials have said they know who he is. His alias is the name of a popular "My Little Pony" character. 

Google regularly runs contests for hackers who can expose bugs in Chrome, in an effort to make the browser more secure.

In August, the company announced it would give up to $2 million in prizes to engineers who could find holes in their system, following a similar contest in February during which they offered up to $1 million in prizes.

The $60,000 that Pinkie Pie won is given out to those who can find a "Full Chrome exploit"--a flaw that exists exclusively in the Chrome browser.