Band Pushups are designed to keep you practicing through the summer and giving you intense focus on fundamentals.  Each day you practice pick 3 separate exercises from the packet and practice each for 5 minutes.  After 15 minutes, if you want to keep practicing, do! If you want to stop, then do that!  Make sure you post on average twice a week through the summer.  Check instagram often for special bonus points and rewards for posting through the summer.


To make your posts for #BandPushups you must make an Instagram account and follow @chswarriorband.  Your posts must be a short video of you playing 
a set from your #BandPushups book.  While you need to practice your band pushups each day, there will be different days of the week to post specific sets (see below).  You are encouraged to comment on each other's posts with positive encouragement and critiques.  There will be consequences for any students posting in a negative manner.

#BandPushups Days (wind):

#BandPushups Days (Percussion):

Example Post with video: "g minor scale! @chswarriorband #bandpushups #scalesunday"

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