What goes here

Anything from a student exercise to a small problem to a big case study. Solved or open. Challenge proposals. Solutions to posted problems.

How to browse

The best way to browse the repository is via the database of entries. The pages you are currently on are just static storage.

How do I get an account?

EmailĀ the maintainer.

What are these arrows next to an entry?

Clicking on these (if you are logged in) you can upvote/downvote entries. This gives a ranking of entries as most popular/interesting to the public.

What's with the tags?

Tags are like keywords. There is one single tag list for each entry (i.e., a problem and all of its solutions). Tag liberally. An entry tagged with "Tool X" probably does not mean that the problem is inherently related to "Tool X", but that "Tool X" has been used in one solution to the problem. To enter multi-word tags use quotes. There is also a full-text search box at the top.

How to attach files to an entry?

Create a new page here (button at top right) with the same title as the entry in the database. Attach files to the page. Paste links into the entry in the database.

We will make this easier in the future.

What's a good solution description?

Let these questions guide you.

How to submit a new entry

  • Check out a sample entry
  • Login with your cost-ic0701.org account to add an entry
  • or send submission per email to verifythis@cost-ic0701.org
  • Most information in an entry is optional, but more is, of course, preferred
  • Include a list of tags
  • Please do attach papers, sources, etc. (see above for how)