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First Deliverable, Full Steam Ahead, Broadband Task Force

posted Jun 13, 2012, 11:30 AM by Nathan Borson
June 13, 2012

First Deliverable Accepted
Our planning contractor, ICF International, has submitted, and I have accepted, the first deliverable from our contract. The Community Assessment Template is for use in assessing the local factors needed to successfully develop a plan for a last-mile broadband network in a small, rural community. Gathering and assessing the information specified in this template will permit a community to discuss the purpose and need for a last-mile broadband network, set goals and objectives, and describe what is currently being done and should be done in the future in order to achieve the goals and objectives. The Template is not specific to Gustavus, but will serve as the outline for our own Community Assessment.

Full Steam Ahead!
Our Community Assessment is already well underway. We are on schedule for a draft to be submitted on June 15. Also well underway is the "Options" document. It will present and compare various business models and technical strategies for meeting our last-mile broadband goals, and will recommend the best solutions for our community. ICF has submitted, and I have accepted, a list of the technologies to be considered. A draft of the options is scheduled for submittal on June 15, and we are on track for a public presentation on June 27. The Gustavus City Council will consider the options and recommendations at a special meeting on June 28 and, if all goes well, at its July regular meeting the Council will choose an option to be developed into the full broadband plan.

Alaska Broadband Task Force
As I mentioned in my last update, The Alaska Broadband Task Force has asked Gustavus to present our project at their June 20 monthly meeting. I will travel to Anchorage to represent Gustavus, and unless the task force says otherwise, ICF will participate via teleconference. As I wrote to the task force staff, I am especially interested to learn how our planning project can help other communities and integrate with the task force’s initiatives rather than duplicating effort or working at cross-purposes. Suggestions for business and technical solutions to our last-mile problem will also be most welcome!

Next Steps
We are on schedule:
  • June 27: Public meeting to present options
  • June 28: City council special meeting with ICF in attendance
  • July 12: City Council selects broadband option to be fully developed in plan
  • September 13: Target date for city council to adopt final plan