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The Corvallis Rugby Club (CRC) was established in 1973. After playing 2 seasons with Oregon State and then with the Portland Pigs in 1972-73, Joe Rowan returned to Graduate School (Mechanical Engineering) at OSU. As he could no longer play with the college Joe decided to put up a table outside Gill Coliseum with a rugby sign up sheet. The Corn Valley Rugby Club was born. Joe recalls that "it took off and we had to get Jerseys within a couple of weeks, so I found some butt ugly soccer jerseys and had CVRF printed on them". To his recollection the newly formed team went 4 -4 their first season and had a respectable Portland Rugby tournament going 2-2. Eventually Joe left for San Diego and played at OMBAC for 2 years then the Old Gaels for 1 year and then back to the Pigs for a few years and the Jesters for a few years. He is now coaching Oregon Pioneer Rugby Club (Oregon City High School).
Corvallis played competitively in the Northwest for almost thirty years. However—due to membership concerns — in 1999 the Club suspended league play and disbanded. After almost a decade of dormancy the team reformed and placed 2nd in league their first year back (2009-2010). Other past nicknames include The Killer Bees, The Bulls and reportedly at one time in early club history, The Corndogs. Inspired by Corvallis’—as well as the greater Willamette Valley and the Pacific Northwest’s— penchant for fermentation; the club selected a new nickname for the 2009 season… The Brewers.

The Corvallis Rugby Club fields a mens senior side Division III team that competes in the Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union (PNRFU) throughout Oregon and Washington. PNRFU is one of many rugby unions which then competes under the umbrella of USARugby for national championships along with producing players for the national USA rugby team.

Historically the club has been predominantly made up of ex-Oregon State players that wish to continue playing after graduating from college. The club also relies on novice members as well as experienced players from Corvallis, the surrounding community, universities and high schools. Increased popularity in the sport along with the support of former and new club members has given a rebirth to the team.

Brewers Team Captains:
2009-2010: Captains selected game by game
2010-2011: Captains selected game by game
2011-2012: Jamie Anderson and Joe Fradella
2012-2013: Shane Card and Jake Jones
2013-2014: Eli Goodwin and Ryan Hanson
2014-2015: Captains selected game by game

Brewers Board of Directors:
2009-2010: Treasurer- Dave Takush
2010-2011: President- Ryan Quanbeck  VP- Jake Jones  Secretary- Kodi Jones
Treasurer- Shane Card
2011-2012: President- Jake Jones  VP- Jamie Anderson  Secretary- Amy Garrett
Treasurer- Shane Card  Team Representative- Yonatan Weiss
2012-2013: President- Andrew Futerman  VP- Brandon Christensen 
Secretary- Ted Lawrence/EliGoodwin  Treasurer- Shane Card
Team Representative- Yonatan Weiss 
Members at Large- Jamie Anderson and Jake Jones
2013-2014: President- Brandon Christensen  VP- Eli Goodwin  Secretary- Josh Merritt
Treasurer- Shane Card  Team Representative- Mac Baldner
Member at Large- Dave Malone
2014-2015: President- Christian Blinn  VP- Zack Johnson  Secretary- Josh Merritt
Treasurer- Nicolas Huerta  Team Representative- Ryan Hanson