It is as important to enjoy life off the pitch as it is on it. Corvallis Rugby thrives on the social side of the club as the succession of events over the past seasons have shown. Look out for more information on events throughout the season on our facebook page, email list and on this website.

General Social Calendar
Feb: After Match Socials
March: After Match Socials
April/May: Team/Alumni camping 
June: Team BBQ to kick off the summer
July: Kegall, Sevens Tournament Social, River Float
August: River Float, 
Sept: After Match Socials
October: Cocktoberfest
November: Kegball

Every social need a social jacket!   Get yours today!  The cheaper and tackier the better!! 

Social Jackets

So here is an idea of what I was thinking with the social jackets.

Total cost on this little baby was under $15.

Jacket at goodwill - $7 (hooray for matching the color of the day)
Paint - $7 (2 cans at $3.50)
Having a dinner jacket with your rugby teams cock on the back - priceless

Members are more than welcome to use club stencils.
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