Hello, and welcome to Ms. Kimes's super-rudimentary webpage!  Find your course on the left.  Hopefully it has whatever you need.  Otherwise, email me.  If you are looking for some basic info applicable to all classes, check the following.

  Math Department Policies on Graphs, Story Problems, and Homework Expectations:

As discussed in class, these are the three posters and the requirements in CHS math classes for:

How To Graph:
1.) Use graph paper
2.) Label axes (variable names and units)
3.) Scale on both axes in all four directions with tick marks (in two directions for “L” graph)
4.) Use a ruler (for axes and straight lines)

Story Problems:
1.) Define the variable(s), including units
2.) Set up the equation(s)
3.) Show all work
4.) Check your solution is reasonable
5.) Answer with units and any other necessary context

Homework Expectations:
1.) Don’t stop at the first difficult problem or leave it blank. Truly attempt the problem, AND then write down in words what you had trouble with (what was your first thought on how to do it, what stopped or confused you, you were okay until…, etc.). THEN move on to the next problem.
2.) Work vertically, not across the page.
3.) Write down the initial problem, then show all work.
4.) Use pencil. NO points awarded for work in pen.
5.) Reflect on what you learned at the end of the assignment. No full credit unless this is present, in addition to the above. One or two lines is sufficient.
PURPOSE: Practicing for tests, practicing what you will demonstrate for me later, learning to communicate in mathematics.

  General Classroom Expectations:

The CHS Math Department asks that all students operate under two simple principles during their time in class.  First, please make a habit of truly doing your best each day.  Second, please recognize that there is dignity in being human -- treat yourself and others well.  Errors are to be expected, and help people learn; allow everyone to learn from them with grace and dignity!  These two guidelines are enormously powerful and will be important as we work together to conquer tough mathematics.  It is important that we maintain a safe classroom environment conducive to learning while we do that.  This includes listening while others speak, being respectful of opinions and ideas, and feeling safe to try out an idea and make mathematical mistakes.  Those mistakes can be the key to understanding!  Knowing how to ask for help if you need it is a vital skill, and one I expect you to practice in this course.  I encourage you to have a study buddy or small study group that meets consistently, comprised of people with whom you work productively.  The more practice you have, the better off you will be.  Don't wait to ask for help until it is too late!

To help minimize distractions and maximize learning, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Please leave food, gum, candy, and drinks (except plain water in a bottle with a lid) outside the classroom (or in drink parking).

  • Please turn all electronics OFF before coming to class.  Leave cell phones, headphones, iPods, music, iPads, etc. turned off in your bag (or locker!).  If its presence becomes known to me, I will be happy to keep it safe for you for 24 hours.

  • Be on time to class (in your seat before the bell rings), with your materials and an open mind.  Class starts promptly and I expect you to be ready to learn.  This shows respect for yourself, the rest of the classroom, and the mathematics at hand.

  • Respect others and allow them to learn.  Respect yourself and help yourself learn.  Keep a positive attitude!  Believe you can do the work and strive to do so.  Pay attention when others are talking.  Ask questions when you get stuck.  This might be the most important skill you ever learn in life, much less in math!  I welcome questions as we move through material in class, as well as more in-depth questions outside of class.  Come ask questions!  It is literally my job to help you!

  • Please avoid using profanity or put-downs.

  Grading Scales, etc.:

Please note, to advance to the next class, you must earn a C (70%) or better.  A grade of Pass requires a grade of 70% or better.  You can check current grades online using Pinnacle (link in sidebar).

I use the standard grading scale, and do not round grades:
 A  90 - 100%
 B  80 - 89.9%
 C  70 - 79.9%
 D  60 - 69.9%
 F  Below 60%

Please note, grades will NOT be rounded.  I offer a variety of additional point opportunities during the course (including bonus questions and test corrections), and have found those to be of greater academic benefit to students than rounding at the end of the semester.  If I went back to rounding, some of those point opportunities would disappear, so I choose not to round.


There are no retakes, so please prepare well for each exam.  Make sure you know the concepts, are fluent in the algorithms, know how to show work, and are able to do so in the allotted time.  You are expected to take the exam when scheduled.  Unexcused absences on test day earn a 0% on the exam.  Excused absences earn one week to make up the exam, which may be different from the original; if the exam is made up after that week, the exam will be different, and no test corrections will be available.  (For anticipated absences, fill out a test extension request form.  See your course page.)

  Extra Help:

We all need help at some point, or even on a regular basis!  You are strongly encouraged to ask for it early and as often as needed.  Math can be difficult!  Being in class, asking questions, and listening to others' questions is crucial.  I am available during Mentoring, during my prep (7th period), and most days after school.  I may sometimes be available at other times if you arrange it ahead of time.  The tutoring center is in Room 224 -- they can help, too!  If you have an off period and would like a regularly scheduled tutor, you can talk to Mrs. Weiler about tutor availability.  The tutoring center is also open during Mentoring and lunch, and is the location of after school tutoring Mondays through Thursdays (it is also a place just to do homework).

  Note to Parent(s) or Guardian(s): 

It is in your student's best interest that we work together in regard to progress in this class.  I ask for your support in a few specific ways.  Please,

1.)     Show a positive attitude toward mathematics and encourage your student(s) to work to their potential, asking for help when needed (this is particularly important!), and doing their best at all times,

2.)     Do not excuse absences except for illness or emergencies,

3.)     Support my expectations of consistent and quality effort and performance from your student, and

4.)     Contact me with any questions and/or concerns.

Please contact me anytime, by email or by leaving a phone message.  If you leave a message, I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year with all of my students!

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