Earth Science 2018/19

Eighth grade Earth Science is a year-long course that explores Earth systems and space science through the use of science and engineering practices. We will build knowledge of the nature and history of science as the foundation of understanding how the Earth and its systems function and Earth’s place in the Universe. In this class, we cover a variety of topics including geologic and deep time, rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, weather and climate, and astronomy, among others. The class culminates in a field trip to Mary’s Peak where students have the opportunity to extend and enhance understanding and appreciation of the content.

This year, all Middle School Science has adopted and will be using Amplify Science Curriculum that is in line with the new science standards (NGSS) adopted by the Oregon Department of Education.  


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Mrs. Davis is now using Google Classroom for all classes!
  • This website will no longer be updated.
  • To see what is happening in Earth Science please have your student log in to their Google Classroom Account and show you our class.
  • Students can log in from any device with Wifi including iPads, home computers, and their phones.
  • My Google Classroom includes class notes, assignments, due dates and supplementary materials.  
  • Do not hesitate to email with questions: 

Week 4: Sept 24-28

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Current Unit: Geology of Mars
Announcements: NOS Quiz Corrections Due Friday 28th
NOS Quiz Retake Thursday

Day 1Comparing Rocky Planets 
- Download "GOM Lesson 1.1" into Notability 

Day 2Observing the Surfaces of Mars and Earth 

Day 3:  Investigating a Mystery Object on Mars 

Day 4Investigating Landforms on Venus 

Week 3: Sept 17-21

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Current Unit: Nature of Science
NOS Quiz: Tuesday 18th practice for the quiz using this QUIZLET!!
Practice for Quiz with this KAHOOT! 

Day 1
-Review Vocab Chart (due tomorrow!)
-Use Kahoot to practice for quiz tomorrow!

Day 2:
-Nature of Science Quiz Today
-Vocabulary Chart Due Today
-Finish Checks Lab

Day 3: Finish Checks Lab if Necessary (Due Friday!)

Day 4: Identifying pseudoscience!
-Last chance for purple sheet - Checks Lab
-Test Correction if time allows

Week 2: Sept 10-14

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New Unit: Nature of Science
NOS Quiz: Tuesday 18th practice for the quiz using this QUIZLET!!

Day 1: Vocabulary Sheet (attached below): went over Observation & Inference
Burning Dollar Demo: answer these questions in your notebook
1. Why do people make different inferences from the same observation?
2. Why does this matter in the world of science?

Day 2: Introduced "Checks Lab" (attached below)
Homework: Write sentences for vocab terms: science, observation, inference, scientific question

Day 3: Vocab & Checks Lab
- Discussed CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) and how it is used to write scientific explanations
- Collected data on checks for the "Checks Lab" 
Homework: Write sentences for vocab terms: claim, evidence, reasoning & scientific theory

Day 4: Finish Checks Lab
Homework: Write sentences for vocab terms: modelcollaborationanalysis, & peer review

Week 1: Sept 5-8

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All classes each day this Week! Week Notes Below

Wednesday: Cheldelin Handbook Rules Review & "Would you rather?" Game

Thursday: Handed out Syllabus (due Wednesday, 12th)
Water Bottle Flip Investigation
  • Quick Write:  Explain in 2-3 sentences how the water bottle flip example allowed you to better understand why science is so crazy, awesome, and cool.
Friday: Students received iPads in Science; iPads will stay at school until Oct 1

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