Welcome to my web page!  My name is Sandy Bell and I teach 6th grade Life Science and Social Studies at Cheldelin Middle School.
 The link below will take you to Pinnacle, our internet based grading program, which will help you see what has been assigned, what you are missing, your scores on assignments after they have been assessed, and your your current overall grade.  Please see someone in the office if you lost your code to access Pinnacle. 

Please click on the sidebar on the left to view what was covered in class and the daily homework for the week.
Click here for Pinnacle Viewer!

The following codes will help you understand Pinnacle:

No  Code means it has been assigned, but not yet graded. 

"Z" codes shows that an assignment was due, but was not turned in.
"X" is used to show that an assignment has been excused.

"O" Shows that an assignment was turned in, but scored as a zero or is no longer being accepted. 
The best way to reach me if you need further assistance is through email at sandy.bell@corvallis.k12.or.us