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LPMS staff are listed by last name.  Click on Web Page to access the teacher's classroom site for more information.  
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NameEmailWeb PageTitleRoom #New Column
NameEmailWeb PageTitleRoom #New Column
Ankarberg, Libby  6th Grade LRC Rm 214   
Argo, Claudia Web Page 6th grade Dual Language Teacher Rm 109   
Becerra, Jose Web Page 6th Grade Dual Immersion    
Blackwell, Laura      
Blackwell, Sharon  Reading Assistant Rm 201   
Blake, Kathy  Life Skills Assistant Rm 103   
Boedtker, Bea Web Page 7th Gr Teacher Rm 216   
Boss, Jenna Web Page Math    
Boyd-Berman, Holly Web Page 6th Gr Teacher Rm 201   
Brennan, Caitlin Web Page PE Teacher Girl's PE Office   
Carpenter, Laura Web Page 7th Grade PE  Girl's PE Office   
Caster, Greg Web Page 6th Grade PE  Boys PE Office   
Chapman, Robyn Web Page Band/Choir Teacher Band Room   
Chavarria, Elena  Latina Advocate Office   
Chilvers, Jody Web Page 8th Gr Teacher Rm 208   
Copeland, Josh  Educational Assistant Support Room   
Cushman, Stephanie  Life Skills Assistant Rm 103   
Deffenbacher, Holly  Life Skills Instructor 103   
Delp, Laura Web Page Reading Teacher Rm 201   
Dietsch, Debbie  LRC Assistant LRC Office   
Echeverria, Wil Web Page DLI Math Teacher    
Fong, Sandy Web Page LRC Teacher Rm 205   
Ford, Jeff  Custodian Custodian Office   
Foster, D. Web Page CLASS teacher    
Fulton, Joe Web Page Librarian Library   
Gish, Helen Web Page Spanish/ELD    
Grimm, Shane  PE Teacher Gym   
Haid, Shana Web Page LRC Teacher Rm 201   
Hall, Claudia  Art Teacher Rm 116   
Hanson, Mark Web Page Science Teacher Rm 206   
Harrison, John John.Harrison  Counselor Rm 105   
Hascall, Debra  Attendance/Administrative Assistant Office   
Hasenstein, Liisa Web Page 6th Gr Teacher Rm 108   
Haun, Hannah  Educational Assistant    
Haun, Jason Web Page 8th Grade Math Teacher Rm 213   
Hausen, Nancy  Campus Steward Custodial Office   
Heath, Tom  Adapt. PE    
Hernandez, Avi  Classroom Assistant    
Hibbert, Kelsey Web Page Foods Teacher/TOSA Rm 118/Office   
Hutchison, Heather  Life Skills Teacher 103   
Johnson, Brandon Web Page Math Teacher    
Kirkpatrick, Cliff  Life Skills Assistant    
Kurlak, Vicki Web Page 6th and 8th Grade Science Rm 207   
Madar, Christine  Home Court Rm 205/214   
Marshall, Mary  Registrar Office   
McBride, Amanda  Classroom Assistant    
McConnell, Gen  Support Room Rm 113   
McKee, Aaron  Assistant Principal Office   
Michalski, Derek Web Page 7th Grade Science Rm 212   
Moevao, Jessica  CLASS assistant Rm 105   
Mudd, Kira Language Arts Teacher Rm 108   
Olson, Carla Web Page 8th Gr Teacher Rm 210   
Olvera, Holly Web Page ELL Teacher Rm 203   
Pankin, Toni  Life Skills Assistant    
Patching, Andrew Web Page 6th Gr Teacher Rm 111   
Patching, Rebecca  Life Skills EA3 103   
Peters, Ruth  Media Assistant Computer Lab/Library   
Porter, Izza  Office/Health Room Front Office   
Purkey, Lacey  OA Office   
Renaud, Anne  Language Arts Teacher    
Rose, Coulter Web Page 6th Gr Science Teacher Rm 106   
Russell, LeighAnn  LRC Teacher Rm 109   
Sargent, Kim  Reading Assistant Rm 201   
Schneiter, Rebekah Web Page Language Arts Teacher    
Seufert, Debbie  Life Skills Asst. Rm 103   
Skinner, Charles Web Page 7th Gr Teacher Rm 218   
Smith, Kathleen Web Page Orchestra Orchestra Rm   
Stalter, Matthew  Math Teacher Rm 217   
Still, Jennifer  Counselor    
Swenson, Stephanie Web Page Math Teacher Rm 104   
Trejo, Miguel  7th Grade Social Studies - Dual Immersion Rm 209   
Ullrich, Laura  XLT Supervisor Rm 102   
Walenza, Emily  Special Education Assistant    
Wallace, Wayne  Custodial (Evening)    
Ward-Satey, Alicia  Principal Office   
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