LPMS-News Listserv

The LPMS-News Listserv facilitates LPMS-related communication through the use of e-mail. The listserv enables quick and broad dissemination of messages to ensure that families are well-informed in a timely manner without being inundated with e-mail.

Listserv Membership


To subscribe to the LPMS Listserv, send an e-mail from the address you want to get listserv messages from to: LPMS-News+subscribe@Listserv.CSD509J.Net (note: just click on the link and it will open in a new e-mail message with the "TO" line populated with the e-mail address).

To unsubscribe to the LPMS-News Listserv, send an e-mail from the address you want removed                             to:  

There is an option to view group archives at: Please note: you must sign in to Google or create an account to visit the list achieves.

Do members need to have a Google account to join the group?
No. In fact you don't have to sign up at all. You can subscribe or unsubscribe by e-mail at any time without having to go to the group page and login with an account. 

To Submit a Message to the LPMS-News Listserv

To Post to the list: please submit your message to:

  1. Write an e-mail message just as it is to be posted on the listserv. Please include an e-mail contact information included in the body of the message, so that members may contact you regarding questions about your posting.  
  2. Ensure the subject line is descriptive. The string “[LPMS-News]” appears at the beginning of the subject line automatically.
  3. E-mail the message to
  4. The Listserv Moderator reviews the message for approval under the Listserv Guidelines within 48 hours.
  5. Messages that are not approved by the moderator may be appealed to LPMS administration for distribution approval.
  6. Please follow the guidelines provided below in regards to the content of your message.

Guidelines for Message Approval

As messages are written for distribution on the LPMS-News Listserv, it is important to keep in mind a balance of providing useful information and inundating parents with too much e-mail. Whenever possible, combine messages into one submission instead of sending multiple e-mails, avoid sending large attachments and use cues in the subject line to help readers determine if a message is pertinent.   

Note that the Listserv is not the only mechanism for communication within LPMS. There is a Newsletter, daily announcements as well as distribution of flyers through the main office. Contact Debra Hascall  for more information on other communication methods.

Messages must:

  • Be related to LPMS events and activities
  • Have a descriptive subject line (recommend use of specifics e.g.“For 8th Graders”, “Apr 22 Band Concert”,)
  • Meet CSD509J policies for Electronic Communication Distribution

Messages must not:

  • Use images or content that violate student handbook (e.g. alcohol, tobacco, drugs, disrespect for any protected classes, violation of establishment clause, etc.)
  • Be used for acknowledgment, recognition, or shout-outs (these can possibly be included in the oral announcements or via the weekly parent WAAG [week at a glance] as appropriate) 
  • Specifically name students or provide student’s personal e-mail addresses without teacher and administrative approval
  • Contain any advocacy for political campaigns 

Listserv Concerns or Questions

Some mailers have aggressive junk-mail and spam filters to avoid unwanted e-mail. If you find that you are not receiving e-mail messages after subscribing to the listserv, you may need to set up a filter in your mailer to allow the listserv messages to go to your inbox. A filter to accept any message with the string LPMS-News in the subject line usually solves this. This is usually a very simple procedure but the specific instructions vary with the mailer being used. If you are unfamiliar with how to set up a filter, try searching the "Help" instructions on your mailer for "filter". 


Any questions or concerns on the LPMS-News Listserv should be sent to