Please call the front office before 9:10 am, when your student will be absent from school, for all or part of the day. In addition, Voice-mail is available at the Attendance line (541-757-3980) around the clock. When leaving an attendance message, please give: 1) your name; 2) the student’s first and last name; 3) the date of the absence; 4) the time of the absence; 5) the reason for the absence.  If no reason is given, the student will be considered Unexcused.

     If you are making plans to take a vacation outside of the regularly scheduled school year vacations/days off, you must complete the Pre-arranged Absence form and submit it to the Front Office for approval, at least two days before the absence begins..

    If your student will be picked up from school by anyone other than his/her parent or guardian, or person on the emergency contact list, the office must be notified.

    If you are picking up your student early from school, PLEASE call before you arrive at the school! This allows us to have you child ready to go when you arrive to sign him/her out.  Also, please remember that it is quite difficult to track down a student during Lunch/Recess, as students have choices regarding where they go during these times.

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