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How To Connect To Your Home Wireless Internet
--updated 10/5/16

Please follow the steps below to connect your student’s iPad to your home internet:

  1. Check to make sure you have your iPad connected to your network:
    Click on the settings icon

    Open the blue Wi-Fi tab on the left and choose your home Wi-Fi. If it is password protected you will need to enter your password. Once it connects the first time you should not have to do it again.

  2. Go into Settings , then click on “Safari” in the left pane .
    In the right pane, at the bottom select "Clear History and Website Data".
    Confirm this action by selecting “clear” from the pop up window. This will make Safari forget about any failed attempts to connect.

  3. Return to the home screen. Open the “Mobile Filter” shortcut

  4. This will open the login window for the Mobile Filter. Enter the following username and password:
    Username:   john
    Password:    john

  5. Optional: Create a shortcut to this page on your home screen.  
    Select the following icon at the top of the browser bar

    Then select “Add To Home Screen”

    That's it! You are on the network.

  6. Still not connecting? Shut down the iPad and try, try again.

The most common problem is trying to connect through an app, rather than going through Safari. The mobile filter will not prompt for a password and will block the network if you are trying to connect through an app. Be sure to go through Safari to get the filter to prompt for the password.

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