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Course Description:  An introduction to Spanish with an emphasis on oral proficiency and communicative activities in which students hear, speak, read and write the language.  Spanish is used as much as possible so that students see it as a real vehicle for communication and not just something to be learned about. Students use the language in realistic, meaningful situations in both oral and written form as they develop and become familiar with grammatical structures and vocabulary.  Cultural material and background of different Spanish-speaking countries are integrated into the course as students learn about those who speak Spanish.

Text:  The basic textbook is Realidades 1, which is supplemented with a workbook, videos, CDs and language lab materials.  Cultural material is included through readings, music, videos and the video series “¿Eres tú, María?”

Grading:  Students will be responsible for attending and participating in class and completing class assignments, homework, projects and assessments. Grades are assigned on the basis of:

    10% Daily Practice Activities (homework, participation, quizzes)

    90% Assessments (projects, presentations, tests)

    Grade equivalences:  A=90-100%    B=80-89%    C=70-79%    D=60-69%    F=0-59%

            (You must earn at least a C in order to go on to Spanish 2.)



This is an activity-based class that requires your active participation. How well you learn a language depends largely on how much you practice communicating in that language.  Regular attendance and participation in Spanish with students and the teacher are essential to building proficiency.  If you are absent, you are expected to make up classroom work and assignments within a week’s time. I post daily on my website what we did in class and what the homework is. It is your responsibility to find out about missed work and make it up. If an absence is unexcused, no credit will be given for make-up work. The CHS attendance policy outlined in your student handbook will be adhered to. (10 minutes late=absence)


Written assignments must be completed on time and are a basic requirement of this class. These assignments are checked and corrected at the beginning of the period. You are responsible for correcting your own work to receive full credit. Carelessly done, incomplete, copied or unexcused late work will not be accepted. Late work will be accepted with an excused absence only within one week. The homework is posted daily in the classroom and on my website (accessible on the CHS webpage).


Each unit of study includes a culminating project, presentation and/or test which incorporates reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is very important to be here on the day these are presented! Make-up assessments will be given for excused absences only. Students who have an excused absence on the day or who wish to reattempt an assessment can earn this opportunity through evidence of completed assignments, evidence of additional practice, and consultation with the teacher.  All make-up assessments and retesting must be completed before the end of the next chapter/unit of study. Projects will be docked 10% for every day they are late.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: An assignment sheet, planner or place to write down homework assignments, a notebook, separate folder or section in your binder for Spanish only-to take notes in, for writing activities, for handouts and returned work; a dry-erase pen; colored pencils; 3”by 5” cards- for making flashcards, Kleenex, pen, pencils, eraser.

Optional: Spanish/English Dictionary for home use (Spanish English Bilingual Dictionary by DK; or other: Larousse, Oxford, Collins, etc.)


Come to class on time every day. Be quiet and in your seat with materials when class begins.

Come to class prepared to learn. Bring your required materials every day-

1) COVERED text    2) workbook    3) notebook and paper    4) pen/pencil      5) flashcards

Be respectful of each other and the group as a whole. Help each other. Everyone learns at a different rate and in a different way. There is no place for ridicule. If a fellow student is causing problems or interfering with your learning, please bring it to my attention. Disruptive and discourteous behavior that wastes class time is unacceptable. Swearing, name-calling, unkind remarks, cheating and damage to or disrespect for classroom property will not be tolerated. 

Do your best. In this class you will be learning to speak Spanish. The only way this can happen is if you are here speaking in Spanish as much as possible. You will make mistakes and that’s O.K. You are only expected to give your best effort to practice and speak. By actively participating-individually and on group projects, volunteering, asking questions and making observations in Spanish you will progress more quickly. Please turn off cell phones and iPods and keep out of sight! Lastly, plagiarism is prohibited at school; this also includes the use of online translators.  All plagiarism and academic dishonesty issues and consequences are outlined in the Student Handbook.


If you do not understand something, ask. If you do not want to ask in class, ask me after class. If you ever feel that you need some additional help with material covered in class or have any concerns, please see me immediately. Do not let the little doubts go until they become big problems. If you have a problem, talk to me about it and together we will work it out.


                                             2) BE PREPARED TO LEARN

                                             3) RESPECT YOURSELF, OTHERS, AND PROPERTY.

                                             4) SUPPORT THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT.



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