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I am currently working on the new and improved standards based report card.  A great team of teachers worked on simplifying the language on the report which I think everyone will like.  We are working on the Pinnacle components as well as a draft you can show parents and/or use as a working copy. 
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 List of standards by grade level
 List of  standards by subject
 Parent Information
 Pacing Guides
 Student Achievement Benchmarks
 Text Exemplars/Questions….

General Information:

Rubrics, etc
Lexile Information
State Scoring Guides
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Report Card Brochures by grade level

Pinnacle How To's  

How to enter overrides
How to enter comments
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Smarter Balance updates & FAQ

 (Smarter Balance will be replacing the OAKs Assessment in 2014-2015)


How is Smarter Balanced different than current assessments?

Smarter Balanced is developing a flexible assessment system that promotes student success and provides meaningful feedback to teachers. Our vision is a balanced system of assessments—including formative, interim and summative—that improves teaching and learning.

Smarter Balanced assessments make use of computer adaptive technology, which is more precise and efficient than fixed-form testing. Teachers, principals, and parents can receive results from computerized assessments in weeks, not months. Faster results mean that teachers can use the information from optional interim assessments throughout the school year to differentiate instruction and better meet the unique needs of their students.

Smarter Balanced assessments will go beyond multiple-choice questions and include short constructed response, extended constructed response, and performance tasks that allow students to complete an in-depth project that demonstrate analytical skills and real-world problem solving.


2011-2012 SBRC Survey Results



Basic Information about the Common Core:


How were the standards developed?

The CCSS effort was launched in June, 2009, through a partnership of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center). State leaders in the two organizations developed the CCSS, together with parents, teachers, school administrators, and experts from across the country. Both national and international research and evidence informed development of the standards. After public comment, the final version of the CCSS was released in June 2010.





 Good article about the new trend of report cards: http://www.educationworld.com/a_issues/chat/chat098.shtml




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