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Grading Policy

The math department at Linus Pauling uses a proficiency-based grading system that follows a 90/10 format. You can read more about this here.
  • 90% of overall grade is based on skills and proficiency of the common core state standards for mathematics.
    • Assessments include Quests (quizzes/tests) and Projects
  • 10% of overall grade is based on participation and daily assignments.

90% of Grade     (Quests and Projects)
Each of our lessons is directed towards providing students engaging and rigorous activities that help develop their mastery of standards. Students will be assessed each week on a standard(s) that we have been focusing on. Every assessment will be graded using a four point rubric. A copy is inserted below:

A standard may be assessed multiple times. Click HERE to view a list of our 6th grade math concept standards.

10% of Grade     (Participation and Assignments)
Homework is assigned on average of 3-4 nights per week and is to be completed in your math notebook. Unless stated otherwise, it is due the following day. You are responsible for correcting the assignment before class. When you come to class, check in their HW under the following categories:

0 = not finished
1 = finished and corrected
1 = already shown mastery of the math standard; worked on another math assignment/project

Pinnacle is usually updated twice a week.

Note: Missing assignments still need to be completed and should be checked in with Mr. Bowdoin during Morning Break time. If three or more assignments are missing, students will be asked to come in during lunch to work on the missing work.

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