Hello Families!                                                         Image result for conestoga wagon                                                             April 28, 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                              

          Our Oregon Trail adventures are rolling along.  After a pancake breakfast with homemade butter, all of the “wagons” have left Independence, Missouri in search of a better life out west.  Each family is responsible for certain tasks before being able to advance to the next fort on the trail.  So far we’ve determined our family names and our role in the family as well as occupations for the adults. Other tasks include agreeing on supplies to take, reading up about trail information and land marks, answering questions, and making important decisions that could determine the family’s success in completing the journey. Along the way the students will continue to add relevant information to their Oregon Trail Journals.  On May 2 we will have a local musician and square dance teacher join us for a square dancing celebration. On a final adventure to an Aurora farm we will experience some pioneer activities like making bread, candles and more.  The permission slip for this field trip was in last week’s Friday Folder.

          We’ve also been busy preparing for our first day of Mini Mart. Mini Mart is a small store that sells school supplies and other items.  Our class is in charge of managing it.   A couple of days were spent in committees making posters, ordering and pricing merchandise and signing students up to supervise.  Our first day is Tuesday, May 1st and we will operate every Tuesday and Thursday in May.  Our first shift occurs in the gym before school starts and then we’ll be open again during first break.  We will be donating all profits to a local charity (we will vote on that next week.)

          Last week we just started to work on a new expository piece.  Ms. Likkel stepped out the process of gathering notes and categorizing them with a sample topic.  Next week students will choose their own topic and categorize their notes using a standard outline.  They can choose any topic they wish as long as they haven’t done a report on that topic before. 

          Last week Jen Kucera shared some of her expertise about soil.  She included an amazing demonstration that showed how compact soil does not absorb water as readily as aerated soil.  There was a great discussion about the implications of soil that does not absorb water—such as nutrients not reaching the root system and potential mud slides.

 In science we’re also working with simple machines like levers and pulleys.  Partners constructed a lever and experimented with lifting a load and determined what they could adjust to lessen the amount of effort needed to lift it.  Next week everyone will take data and make a scientific statement regarding the data they record.  This will be a part of a science work sample.


Important Dates to Keep in Mind:


Tuesday, May 1: Mini Mart Begins

Thursday, May 3rd: Smarter Balanced Reading Test

May 7th, 5:30 to 7:00, OPEN GYM/OPEN HALLWAYS. The school is open and set up for physical activities.


Wednesday, May 9: Field Trip to Aurora for a pioneer experience

Week of May 14th: Bike Safety (more information to come)

Monday, May 14th: Math Smarter Balanced Performance Task

May 18th, 10th Annual Spring Run, 9:35 AM. Join in or help out. Contact Mr. Behrens with questions.

Friday, May 18: Carnival, 5:30-8:00pm

Thursday, May 24th: Smarter Balanced Math Test

Monday, May 28th: No school Memorial Day

Thursday, June 7th: Fieldtrip to Newport/Marine Science Center (Permission Slip will be sent home soon).

Monday, June 4th: Film Festival (to view students digital narratives) at Darkside Theatre 6:00-8:00 pm

Week of May 22: Bike Safety (More information to come)