Artist: SRI Consulting Business Intelligence/National Intelligence Council, April 4, 2008


            The internet of things is a concept that will have an enormous effect on the world. Many people are still skeptical about this idea and whether or not it will have a negative or positive impact on society. Like it or not, we will eventually reach a point where almost everything we use is connected to the internet in some way. This will be very useful and can be used to benefit and improve the lives of individuals all across the world. People will be healthier because they will be able to monitor their vitals and eating habits, as well as be safer as they can secure their home from intruders. It will also be used to benefit businesses all around the world by making their strategies and products more effective. There is no doubt that the advantages of the IoT outweigh the disadvantages, and the IoT will have a positive impact on the world. We should be excited for this new concept and look at it as a way to improve our lives everyday.