Local Historical Research

  • You are able to search books.google.com, where you will find genealogies, local business information and much more.  Many of the books found during your Google search may be downloaded for free by clicking on the pdf icon found at the top right of the page describing the book. It is possible to fine-tune your search by changing your search keywords or by using the filters found on the left of the Google search screen.
Sample 1 - Record of Pennsylvania volunteers in the Spanish-American War, 1898 by the Pennsylvania Adjutant-General's Office (Over 50 area volunteers)
Sample 2 - The steam user: a book of instruction by Cliff White p. 65 (Climax Engine)
Sample 3 - Colonels in blue:Union Army colonels of the Civil War by Roger D. Hunt p. 32 (George H. Bemus)
Sample 4 - The Lindsays of America by Margaret Isabella Lindsay p. 142 (Eliakim, Perry and Olson Lindsey)
  • There are many local historical maps available at:
George Albro from Columbus PA, created an improvement in fences in 1873, Homer J. Blakeslee of Concord PA township invented an improvement in swings in 1873, while  James S. Schoonovee in Corry PA,  invented an improvement in machines for drilling metal in 1875.

If you would like research assistance from the Corry Area Historical Society, please write to us at: 945 Mead Avenue Corry, PA 16407 using the form attached below or use the online form.  Please provide as much information as possible. Use a new form for each person, place, event, or item. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for results.  The more information that you can provide will improve results. Please strongly consider making a donation for research.  Volunteers work diligently to provide accurate and timely information on behalf of the Historical Society.

Corry Area Historical Society - RESEARCH REQUEST FORM - Mail paper form

Corry Area Historical Society - RESEARCH REQUEST FORM - Online form