The first CIBioFi Workshop shall address fundamental aspects concerning methods and techniques in optical and molecular spectroscopy, within the scope of analysing physical and chemical processes in both the macroscopic and the quantum realms. Within this framework, atmospheric processes, photovoltaics and artificial photosynthesis, optical methods in vegetal structure, and the quantum control of photons and molecules will be discussed.

CIBioFi W1 is part of a series of workshops to be developed on the subjects of photonics and optical physics, biotechnology, and informatics, and is two-fold in its objective: i) it will address topics at a basic level, mainly structured to complement and to deepen the background of the students and researchers at the Centre, and ii) it will facilitate and promote discussions about the research undertaken amongst their members and guests, with space for a few talks to report on recent advances/results in a relaxed environment.