Valentine's Day

Valentine activities 2015

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Download the printable PDF document (see below) and do the activities.

St Valentine's Day Webquest

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Did you know that Valentine's Day is named for not one, but many, martyred saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom are believed to have been martyred on February 14th? The name Valentine is derived from Latin word valor, meaning courage. 

Did you know that, according to one legend, Valentine's Day was inspired by Saint Valentine, a Roman saint who was executed on February 14th, 270 A.D.? 

St. Valentine was killed for secretly marrying couples in defiance of an order by the Roman Emperor. The emperor had forbidden marriage after Roman men began refusing conscription in order to stay at home with their wives.

Did you know that people have sent verses to their loved ones on Valentine's Day since as far back as the Middle Ages? 


Questions: First, answer the questions below, to find out more about this funny tradition. Then you will be ready to write your own poem and send it to the one you love!

  1. Why was the Roman Saint Valentine sent to prison?
  2. How did the tradition of sending love messages start?
  3. Copy and paste the old English Valentine’s tradition that you like the most.
  4. Can you give three or more example of Saint Valentine symbols and presents
  5. When is Saint Valentine’s day celebrated in China?
Final task: Now you are ready to make your poem. Click on the link and  follow the intructions. When you finish it, copy and paste your poem in a word document, and then it will be ready to print it and send it to your love: 

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