Day of Cultural Diversity

Pilar Reyes Moral 

           "Urban tribes are groups of people in urban areas who have some kind of close association based upon similar lifestyles or activities"

         "Urban tribes are young city people that gather in relatively small, fluid groups. These groups share common interests that are, in general, different from the interests of mainstream culture". (Michel Maffesoli)

         They are made up by groups of people – usually young, with a distinct common identity: the same aesthetic codes, the same identity symbols, the same rules, the same language, the same music…........ A whole ideology! They are a reflection of what they love or what they hate and of their own instincts. We can find them in any Spanish city, but they are usually concentrated in the big cities like Madrid,Barcelona…

         Some of them are nearly extinct, and others in full expansion. It is estimated that in Madrid alone coexist more than fifteen tribes. They usually meet in central, commercial or nightlife areas.
Sometimes people associate urban tribes with violence. In fact, there are some of them which are linked to incidents, brutal attacks and social problems; but many of them are inoffensive.

        Urban tribes are not new, but a very fashionable tendency. In fact, they date back hundreds years: concretely to the 18th century in Madrid: There are some references identifying them in paintings by Goya or Atienza !



WHAT IS IT ABOUT? The final product you are going to do consists of a WALL CHART providing detailed information about a certain Urban Tribe.


1)   The classroom will be divided into 5 groups of 5 students each.

2)   Each member of the group will have a role and a task that he/she will have to carry on.

3)   Once you have collected all the suitable information, you will make a common task; you will create the wall chart.

4)   Finally, each group will make an oral presentation of its chart to the rest of the class.

5)   Moreover, you will be given a questionnaire with questions about the other groups´ work. You will have to pay attention to your classmates´ exposition in order to answer the quiz.



Once the groups have been organised, decide the URBAN TRIBE you are going to talk about: 



REMEMBER! Each of you has one task. Here you have some prompts which can help you to organise the information on the wall chart. Write about them, and join your writing with your classmates in order to create a final product.


You will be the leader of your group. You will be in charge of looking for some PICTURES of the band you are going to talk about. Moreover, you will be the CONNECTOR between your group and the teacher. If any of you need to solve a doubt, or need some help, you will raise your hand and wait for your teacher to be there. (STUDENT 1)

What were the most important names of the beginnings of this subculture?

Are there any Icons or famous people representing it?

Does this subculture have a specific language?

What are their hobbies?

Is there any tribe like this in your country?

What is their image? (friendly, aggressive, crazy, sweet…)


You will be in charge of searching for the CLOTHES this tribe or band uses to wear. You will describe what kind of clothes, complements or accessories they wear. (STUDENT 2)

What kind of clothes do they wear? (smart, exotic, tracksuits, black clothes…)

Are they colourful clothes?

What is their common dress?

Do they use accessories?

What hairstyle have they got? (long, short, crazy)

You will be in charge of writing about the KIND OF MUSIC of this tribe, and what kind of instruments they play. (STUDENT 3)

What is its most popular genre? (romantic, pop, heavy…)

How does their music sound? (harsh, harmonious, peaceful, depressing…)

Are there any particular symbols/signs that represent it?

Do they play any instruments? If so, what kind of instruments do they play?

You will find a SONG typical of this tribe and its LYRIC. (STUDENT 4)

What are the most famous songs and discs?

What is the most famous group or singer?

Is there any film which deals with his tribe?

Is there any source of information for those who want to join this tribe?

You will find information about the HISTORY of this tribe, how it started, where, etc. (STUDENT 5)

When and where was this tribe born? Where is it practiced?

Is there any right date? How did it evolve? Has it changed?

Does this subculture participate in celebrations displaying their believes or practices?


Search on the following websites and look for the information about your tribe:



















-       RAVER'S








        Once you have collected all the information you need, organise the wall chart and prepare the oral exposition. (You have got an example in the picture below)

Don’t forget you must use the Past Simple and the Present Perfect tenses!



  Show your wall chart to your classmates. Explain all the features related to your urban tribe.



      STEP 6


     Pay attention to your classmates’ performance. Take this worksheet and fill it with what you hear during the presentation. Decide which group has been the best one.








Tribe’s name

When did it start?


Important members


Famous discs


Sources of information



Other relevant information






Design of the chart



         Now, make a personal evaluation about your role and participation inside the group. Read each sentence below. Then think about the number that best represents your experience as a team member:





Yes, a lot (+)              No, not at all(-)



I felt comfortable working with this team



      4          3          2          1          0


I was an active participant in my team



      4          3          2          1          0


I listened to everyone on my team



      4          3          2          1          0


I encouraged and praised others on my team



      4          3          2          1          0


I explained/helped someone who didn´t understand




      4          3          2          1          0


I asked for an explanation or help when I didn´t understand




      4          3          2          1          0


I felt encouraged by people on my team



      4          3          2          1          0


My role was__________________. I felt comfortable with this role




      4          3          2          1          0


I found this group activity to be a worthwhile experience




      4          3          2          1          0


I am enjoying working with my classmates on teams




      4          3          2          1          0


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