April Fool's Day


April Fools Day Webquest by Anna Perkinson

1.     What is the date of April Fools day?

2.     What country calls people who are fooled on April, “April fish”?

3.     What is snipe hunting?

4.     In England, what time of day on 1 April should you play a joke on someone?

5.     What does King Charles IX have to do with April Fools Day?

6.     Who joked that they planned to buy the Liberty Bell?

7.     What was unusual about a bomb dropped by a French pilot on German soliders on April 1, 1915?

8.     In 1976, why did hundreds of people jump in the air at exactly 9:47am?

9.     What prank would you play on your friends?  Write instructions for a funny prank you can play on your friends. 

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