Day of Pink



Antonio Miguel Sánchez Bogas




What is bullying? Bullying is when a boy or girl repeteadly abuses another boy or girl. This abuse is often physical, but bullying also happens when someone:

·         Lies to get you into trouble

·         Threats you and calls you names

·         Spreads rumours about you

·         Steals your belongings

·         Discriminates against you for any reason (race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.)


Bullying is a problem present at schools, but it usually remains unnoticed, as victims are generally afraid to talk about it. That’s why we must take action and do something to stop the problem!





You will have to design and create an awareness raising campaign addressed to teenagers. Your campaign will have one of the two following formats:

  • Video (to be used as a TV advert)
  • Poster (to place in a school)


Of course, your campaign should include relevant images and language in order to be as effective as possible.





You will work in groups of four and you will follow these steps:


Step 1 = Get some information on the problem of bullying.


*Useful links:


Step 2 = Decide which type of bullying (physical, discrimination, etc) you are going to focus on. Does your decision change the format you would use?



Step 3 = Have a look at the following posters/videos to get some ideas, but try to be as original as possible. Also remember to make your poster/video effective for your target audience (teenagers).

Anti-bullying commercial


Anti-bullying commercial



Step 4= Finally, present your campaign to your class. Don’t forget to bring with you all the necessary materials for the presentation.






If you need some help with your English, try any of these links:


If you need pictures, you may find them at:




Your campaign will be evaluated taking into account the following aspects:

  • Effectiveness
  • Originality
  • Use of materials
  • Use of language


Now it’s time for you to reflect on this activity by answering the following questions:
  • What was the best thing about your campaign?



  • Is there anything you would have done in a different way?



  • Did you like any of the campaigns proposed by your class mates? What good ideas did they have?



  • What have you learned from doing this activity?