Job Shadowing

Jobshadowing at IES Sabinar

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In October 2017 two colleagues from Regionale Scholengemeenschap 't Rijks, Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands) came to IES Sabinar to analyse our educational system and the policy and vision of our school towards pre-academic learning, observe teachers and students in English and CLIL lessons, mainly, and take active part in teaching our students, among other activities. They started this jobshadowing programme on the 18th and left on the 28th.

A team of four teachers from Agrupamento de Escolas da Sé, Lamego (Portugal) came along on the 22nd, to analyse CLIL lessons and cooperative learning in action in our school, as well as PBL (project-based learning) at IES El Parador, among other activities. They, too, left Roquetas de Mar on the 28th.

A visit from the Netherlands

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Jan at IES Sabinar
Jan at CEP Almería
Our dear colleague Jan Vijfhuizen, from RSG 't Rijks, Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands), visited our school during the last days of May till the 1st of June, 2017. Among other activities, he observed some English and CLIL lessons and gave a lecture about Dutch bilingual teaching at the Teacher Training Centre - CEP de Almería. We also had a chance to share information about our respective schools and educational systems.

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