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Treasuring Europe

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Description of the project: 

The project is the result of the eTwinning Seminar held in Esslingen from 12th to 14th October 2017. The inspiration derives from the European Cultural Heritage Year in 2018. The project is for 14 to 16-year-old students from 5 different countries from 5 different corners of Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland and Greece). They will work on their local tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Students are expected to work in groups and find four different topics like monuments, industrial buildings, landscapes, food, etc. and tell with a video or PPT presentation what they used to be, what they are now and what they might become in the future. At the end of the project they are expected to produce an interactive digital and/or paper map or brochure.

Partner Schools: 
  • Evangelisches Schulzentrum Michelbach (Germany)
  • Liceo Classico Statale T. Mamiani, Pesaro (Italy)
  • Zespól Szkól Katolickech, Zabrze (Poland)
  • 1ο Γενικό Λύκειο Δράμας (Greece)
Level: 4º ESO 

ICT Tools: laptops, digital board, TwinSpace platform.

  • To get to know the European Cultural Heritage
  • To improve foreign language skills
  • To use ICT tools in a competent way
  • To search and to select information 
  • To develop cultural awareness, European citizenship and identity
  • To develop soft skills
  • To use innovative teaching and learning methodologies
Work process: 
  • November: Students' presentation. School presentation.
  • December: Introduction to the concept of cultural heritage and the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018. Christmas chatting groups on the Twinspace forum.
  • January-April: Students' group work. Students will decide what tangible or intangible local topics to work on, research on the Internet, prepare their product and the quiz about it.
  • End of April/May: Final quiz competition. Feedback. Dissemination.
Expected results:

All products will be published on the project public Twinspace and all work produced by the students will be collected and combined on a digital/paper map or brochure together with the relative quizzes.

eTwinning Seminar in Esslingen, Germany 2107

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IESEsslingen, GermanySabinar was represented by Daniel Prados at the eTwinning Seminar in Esslingen, Germany, 12th to 14th October 2017, in which several schools from Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece and Georgia took part. Official website:



Esslingen 2017Esslingen 2017 - Spanish Delegation

Speak up with Skype

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Description of the project: This project aims at giving students a chance to join Skype in the classroom and use their English by talking on simple topics (e.g. their school, their town, leisure activities...) with students from another European school. 

Partner School: Gymnázium Jana Blahoslava a Střední pedagogická škola, Přerov (Czech Republic)

Level: 4º ESO 

ICT Tools: Laptop, digital board, Skype, TwinSpace platform.

  • To improve oral skills in English
  • To reflect on the students' learning strategies
  • To use ICT tools in a competent way
  • Introductions: personal information, interests, leisure.
  • School experiences: favourite subjects, achievements and failures, study strategies, exams, etc.
  • English learning: strategies, skills, preferred tasks, etc.
  • Use of ICT tools: video-conference, forum, email.
  • Introducing the school: Both teacher and students will prepare a PowerPoint slideshow about their school, the town, etc.
  • Video-conference: Students prepare their short speeches including basic personal information, hobbies, etc. For the next session(s) they can talk about school. They may also prepare some questions to stimulate communication.
  • Forum: The teachers suggest threads about English learning, so the students can contribute with their posts.
  • March: email and elaboration of PPT presentation
  • April: Skype video-conference sessions and forum posts
  • June: Reflection on the results and evaluation
Expected products and results: 
  • PPT slideshow (to be emailed to the partner teacher so it is shown to the students of the partner school)
  • Recording of speeches / oral exchanges 
  • The activities will be registered in the TwinSpace platform 
  • A summary of the results will be published on the website of the English Department

Penpals 2013-2014

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Description of the project: 
We want to make our students improve their written language and make communication real. To this end, they will mostly keep a correspondence by exchanging letters about once a month. 

Partner School: Istituto Comprensivo 2, Arzignano (Italy)

Level: 2º y 3º ESO 

  • To improve written skills
  • To get to know new people from Europe
  • To socialise and make communication real
Expected Outcomes: Improved written skills and lexis 

Procedural Plan: First a short PPT presentation is sent to our partner introducing ourselves, our school and our town. Then letters are sent once a month and our progress is documented by using photos. These could be the topics:
  • Letter 1 (November): Introduction; my familyFirst letters
  • Letter 2 (December): My town; my house
  • Letter 3 (January): Christmas in my country and how I spent it 
  • Letter 4 (February): My best friend; my hobbies and interests
  • Letter 5 (March): My daily routine and my free time
  • Letter 6 (April): Traditions and food from my country
  • Letter 7 (May): My plans for the summer

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